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Genres: Adventure , Family , Sci-Fi
Actors: Neil Dickson , Alex Hyde-White , Fiona Hutchison , Peter Cushing , Marcus Gilbert , William Hootkins , Alan Polonsky , Francesca Gonshaw , Michael Siberry , James Saxon , Daniel Flynn , Roy Boyd , Samantha Bradshaw , Andrea Browne , David Butler
Director: John Hough
Country: United Kingdom, United States
Year: 1986
IMDB Rating: 5.5/10 (1386 votes)

One minute the New Yorker advertising expert Jim Ferguson is at a business party — the next he finds himself way back in 1917 in a plane fight during World War I. Mr. Raymond explains to him that he has a time-twin, to whom he’s relocated in space and time whenever one of them is in trouble. So he has to help his twin, biplane pilot Biggles, in his attempt to destroy a German super weapon, that could win their war. Of course it’s hard for Jim to explain his sudden disappearances to his fiance, Debbie.

Film Review

They released this movie on DVD last month (June ’04). I can not find it in stores, and I do not want to buy it used because I want it to get credit for getting bought at Best Buy or Suncoast or some other place like that. I think it can be ordered online though. has it for sure. I just looked as I was writing this. Did you know the opening theme, that violin opening.. is an opening that goes to a Deep Purple song called "Perfect Strangers." Except they cut the part out just before it starts to rock out. I was just told I needed to put 10 lines in a comment for some strange reason, so here it is.. line number 10.

The good parts – Peter Cushing, who cannot go wrong, and adds some much needed gravitas to the modern parts.The WW1 cast – perfect in every way.When the story is in WW1 – The English soldiers coolly wandering into a courtyard full of Germans is one of my favourites scenes.The scene with the sonic weapon – just believable (given Tesla's experiments) and nicely gruesome. Alex Hyde White isn't too bad once the story gets going.The bad The whole time travel. OK, I can see it working – but it doesn't here. It's just an excuse to modernise and Americanise the film, because god forbid an 80's audience try and deal with the story of British people in the past.Calling it Biggles – he's barely in it. Not enough to justify being the title character.That soundtrack. That truly awful, grating, inappropriate soundtrack.Marcus Gilbert – the one anomaly in the WW1 cast – he's awful.The modern American cast with the exception of Alex Hyde White – grating, irritating …

Biggles is a crazy mish mash of a movie which tries to incorporate so many of the myriad of genres that graced our screen during the 1980's.Resurrecting a character like Biggles from the ripping yarns era of early 20th century British literature, was a daring move for any movie production, especially as that particular vogue had not been popular in the mainstream for over 50 years.Knowing this they then tried to make it more palatable to the 1980's audience by taking the basic character and adding scenarios and plot twists, story lines and character types that had proved so popular in other big screen offerings throughout the decade.I can see the movie pitch now. First off, add an American character…to give it more of an American feel for the American market. Then add a time travel element…after all it worked a treat in the previous years Back to the Future. As for Biggles himself instead of just a World War I pilot from the RFC, why not make him into more of an adventurer…

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